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OpenMobility Telco Aug 10th, 2021


  • Robert Hilbrich
  • Christoph Sommer
  • Ronald Nippold
  • Michele Albano
  • Yun-Pang Flötteröd
  • Robert Protzmann
  • Michael Plagge
  • Giuliana Armellini
  • Karl Schrab

News from (Currently) Associated Projects

Eclipse SUMO

  • Next SUMO release: 1.10 on August 17, so we are now in a code freeze
  • DLR starts working on supporting OSMP FMUs for simulator coupling: OSMP
  • SUMO User Conference 2021:
    • Agenda is here: Conference Link
    • it is free of charge, but please register (if you want to attend)
    • Maybe add the author and affiliation to the agenda as well
  • Should we work on getting releases with MOSAIC more closely aligned? - Yes, desirable - also for veins!
    • Notify and include non-DLR SUMO users in code-freeze phase to incorporate feedback earlier
  • Future of TraCI - will be discussed in the SUMO project in the coming months
  • Where to go after the Fox UI toolkit?
    • Decoupling of UI and simulation logic could have positive or negative effects on the responsiveness

Eclipse MOSAIC

  • Improvements on communication simulator coupling
  • ns3 version 3.34 update included in recent MOSAIC
  • Omnet 6 migration is currently being looked at
  • Internal improvements to battery and charging model and simulations (which are currently not in the essential version of MOSAIC)
  • Release date is probably going to be in September 2021
  • Continuing work with LIDAR and sensor data towards submicroscopic modeling
  • libsumo soupling with Eclipse MOSAIC is now supported
  • SUMO Bug: getLeader command is not yet implemented? (swift bug) –> Karl opens a new issue on GitHub on that

Other News from the Attendees

  • DLR plans to create a new Eclipse project for TAPAS
    • TAPAS aims to provide realistic traffic demand
    • The new project will be within the purview of openMobility

Real Work”

Whitepaper: Survey or Landscape of Demand Generators for SUMO

  • Current status overview by Ronald
  • Teams are collaborating on Overleaf - due to holiday the work is progressing slowly
  • Input is still welcome
  • Work will restart in August

Direction of openMobility for the Future

  • Recent discussion around “profitablity” of working groups as they require a lot of effort for book keeping and administration
  • Idea to discuss: Eclipse “Working Group light”
  • Where should we proceed with openMobility?
  • Two options for the nature of openMobility: a) openMobility is a place to build and start a community around the topics mobility (zero Budget, almost no infrastructure, no program plan, …) b) openMobility should be a place to specifically work towards a common goal (with a program plan, a dedicated budget, …)
  • Open discussion will be continued in the next meeting

Any other Business

  • If the Eclipse wiki continues to be “readonly”, we will publish the meeting minutes on the openMobility website from now on
  • EclipseCon Oct 25-28 (virtual event)
    • Community Day on Monday Oct 25
    • Andy and I plan to have a session to introduce new users to the community, but also to connect with members of other working groups

Next Meetings

  • SUMO Demand Modelling Paper - Wed, August 11, 15-16 CEST
  • Automotive PMC meeting - Wed, August 11, 16-17 CEST
  • Next openMobility meeting: Oct 5, 14:00 CEST

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