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OpenMobility Telco Oct 5th, 2021


  • Christoph Sommer
  • Michele Albano
  • Dominik Salles
  • Andy Riexinger
  • Michele Segata
  • Michael Plagge
  • Karl Schrab
  • Robert Protzmann
  • Jerome Harri
  • Robert Hilbrich

News from (Currently) Associated Projects

Eclipse SUMO

  • SUMO User Conference from September 13 to 15, 2021

    • Virtual conference using Zoom as in the last year
    • International audience from over 30 different countries on 4 continents
    • A total of over 350 participants
    • User tutorial by Jakob about the latest SUMO features and extensions, with many interested questions from the audience
    • 28 presentations on various topics of mobility simulation and modeling with open source tools and data as well as a keynote on ride-hailing, ride-pooling and the role of traffic simulation in this context
    • Virtual social event on Tuesday evening
    • room for further discussions about SUMO during the breaks for networking and informal exchange
  • Presentation about Eclipse SUMO at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg next week (on Thursday, 6pm)

  • SUMO changes

    • All (positional) detector can now handle persons
    • boarding duration also applies to exiting persons / containers
  • Contact to Google / Alphabet modeling team

Eclipse MOSAIC

  • Next release 21.1 will be released at the end of this week
  • Integration of libsumo
  • Logging facilities are improved
  • ns-3 has been upgraded to the latest version
  • new model for the battery consumption

Other News from the Attendees

  • Eclipse openMCx has now had its first release - it is now available
  • Indy autonomous final race will be on the weekend before EclipseCon (all vehicles are openADx powered)

Real Work

Whitepaper: Survey or Landscape of Demand Generators for SUMO

  • Current status - no new status update; foodle for the next meeting will be sent by Michael in the next days

Direction of openMobility for the Future

  • Where should we proceed with openMobility?
  • Options for the nature of openMobility: a) openMobility is a place to build and start a community around the topics mobility (no Budget, almost no infrastructure, no program plan, …) b) openMobility should be a place to specifically work towards a common goal (with a program plan, a dedicated budget, …)
  • Eclipse Foundation Working Group process requires a Working Group to have a program plan and a budget plan - which could be a form of orientation for the steering committee
  • Michael P. suggests to align research initiatives in the field of mobility under the openMobility umbrella
  • Jerome recommends to work in the field of advertising and marketing of open data success stories for public entities
  • Christoph sees the burden and inflexibility of having a program plan
  • Michele likes the free and informal exchange of ideas (in the area of SUMO)
  • Robert is open towards having a program plan
  • A budget plan with reasonable funds seems unlikely for everybody

Any other Business

  • EclipseCon Oct 25-28 (virtual event)
    • Community Day on Monday Oct 25
    • Joe Speed will talk a bit more about Indy Autonomous Challenge
    • Andy and I plan to have a session to introduce new users to the community, but also to connect with members of other working groups
    • BoF meeting on Tuesday afternoon

Next Meetings

  • Next meeting: Oct 19, 13:30-14:30 Berlin time

    • Please prepare your thoughts on the future of openMobility - do we want to define and follow a program plan?
  • Technical meeting to follow next: Pedestrians and Shared Space

    • Foodle for a time slot in the next 4-6 weeks will be sent out by Michael Behrisch

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