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OpenMobility Telco Oct 19th, 2021


  • Karl Schrab
  • Michele Albano
  • Andreas Graf
  • Jakob Kaths
  • Andy Riexinger
  • Robert Hilbrich
  • Robert Protzmann
  • Michael Behrisch

Real Work

Direction of openMobility for the Future

  • Where should we proceed with openMobility?
  • Options for the nature of openMobility: a) openMobility is a place to build and start a community around the topics mobility (no Budget, almost no infrastructure, no program plan, …) b) openMobility should be a place to specifically work towards a common goal (with a program plan, a dedicated budget, …) c) …
  • See OpenADx program plan at
  • Jakob: could be challenging to commit to common goals for the entire working group (diverse community in openMobility - industry and academia); budget could be challenging as well; situation would change, if we get a major industry partner from the traffic domain (like Swarco, …) to become a member in openMobility
  • Robert+Karl: initial expection of having paying industry partner members did not realize; interested in visibility and joint research with MOSAIC and SUMO
  • A. Graf: moving the talks to Eclipse SUMO project would be ok for him
  • There is no lack of topics to discuss among the members of openMobility - but maybe not enough for a majority of all group members?
  • Options to proceed:
    • A) Build a program plan with minimal effort (based on OpenADx template)
    • B) Do not do a program plan, but try to establish openMobility as a vendor-neutral meeting point (working group “light”)
    • C) Shutdown openMobility and meet as part of Eclipse SUMO or Automotive TLP
    • D) Potentially fusion with other Automotive Working Groups (e.g. OpenADx or new Working Groups)
  • Next steps: Robert calls Michael Plagge to discuss these options

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