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OpenMobility Telco Jun 14th, 2022


  • Robert Hilbrich
  • Ronald Nippold
  • Michael Behrisch
  • Jakob Erdmann
  • Michele Segata
  • Robert Protzmann
  • Jakob Kaths
  • Dominik Salles
  • Karl Schrab
  • Michele Albano


Eclipse MOSAIC

  • Last release of MOSAIC 2021 was last October, latest release is from May 2022
  • New perception module in MOSAIC war presented at the SUMO User Conference
  • Improvement of the libsumo integration which is working mostly
  • Release version of libsumo / libtraci jars are still not working due to Eclipse CI Jenkins build (snapshot version are working for the moment)
  • DLR will continue to try to fix this issue (the tag is not triggering the build process, maybe solve be switching to time triggered commits?)
  • FhG FOKUS is working on a scenario for Berlin (demand taken from MATSim and duarouter, no public transport, no bikes, no peds - just passenger cars) - scaling of the “10% scenario” to a “100% scenario”
  • Paper regarding the new scenario will be published soon
  • Scenario will be published on soon as well

Eclipse SUMO

  • Three recent releases so far with a lot of new features
  • NEMA traffic controllers are now supported (first contribution from partners from the US)
  • A lot more features in netedit (trips, walking areas, …)
  • Improvements in the webwizard (added road type selection)
  • Videos for the SUMO User Conference are online and to be found at YouTube (Eclipse Foundation channel)
  • Proceedings for last year we are still waiting for the submission of two files - will happen next week (skipping authors who are not responding)
  • Proceedings for this year will be happening during this summer break
  • Next year will come with an established process to publish as a SCOPUS indexed conference series

Eclipse Project Management Council (PMC) Automotive

  • Andy Riexinger will be joining the Automotive PMC
  • New IP process at the Eclipse Foundation - not yet finalized

Other News from the Attendees

  • Plexe: Michele has been working on using multiple communication interfaces at the same time
  • Vector: integration with SUMO has been improved and now makes use of generic parameters and SUMO integration is now part of the installer

openMobility - Future of the “Working Group”

  • Eclipse Foundation is working on a new concept for “working groups light”
  • it will be introduced in the next couple of months
  • Proposal: migrate openMobility to the new concept starting January 2023
  • An official request for a “+1” from all steering committee working group members will follow the official announcement of the proposal by the Eclipse Foundation

Quo vadis openADx?

  • Andy Riexing will no longer be the chair of the openADx working group
  • Idea: merging of openADx and openMobility starting January 2023?

EclipseCon 2022

  • EclipseCon 2022 will be happening as an event with physical presence see EclipseCon website
  • Oct. 24-27 in Ludwigsburg, Germany
  • EclipseCon features a specialized “Automotive and Mobility” track this year - but needs more submissions
  • Deadline for submissions: 15.06.2022
  • Community day on the first day of the EclipseCon

Whitepaper: Survey or Landscape of Demand Generators for SUMO

  • current status and progress?
  • unfortunately not much progress so far
  • Michele Albano will try to organize a meeting to discuss the next steps

Future Ideas for openMobility?

  • Robert Protzmann: scenario generation or standardized interfaces (e.g. openSCENARIO)
  • Dominik Salles: continue to work on Github issues (openmobility-wg/userstories)
  • more? send to mailinglist and discuss next time

Any other Business

  • openSCENARIO 2.0 is still not released and a lot of features have been left out
  • openSCENARIO 2.0 provides a public release candidate for everyone to have a look

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