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OpenMobility Telco Sep 6th, 2022


  • Robert Hilbrich
  • Michael Behrisch
  • Michele Segata
  • Tobias Lukowitz
  • Bhanu Kala
  • Sid Askary
  • Philipp Heisig
  • Jakob Kaths
  • Wolf Kunert

Introduction of Guests

Seven Principles

  • Tobias Lukowitz introduces 7P
  • Development of products:
    • traffic modeling based on open data and open source
    • AI based object recognition and tracking of participants to analyze the behavior of people in the mobility space
  • Plan to participate in the development of TAPAS-based solutions and other parts of the product
  • See more at (


  • Bhanu Kala introduces Goleyo - a company focused on traffic modeling and simulation
  • Goal: provide an integrated ecosystem of tools and models to achieve “living models” hosted on cloud services
  • See more at (


  • Adesso is an IT consultancy company from Germany
  • SUMO is used in projects, e.g., AI + blender to simulate parking conditions
  • Student projects: to retrieve and process data to be used in virtual scenarios
  • Philipp Heisig introduces the SyntheSis project
  • Remark from FutureWei: see DORA and DORA-Drives
  • Remark from Vector: see Dyna4

News from the Projects

Eclipse MOSAIC

  • Berlin scenario was publicly released; see Berlin Sumo Traffic Scenario
  • SUMO scenario with 24h demand based on MATsim data
  • This simulation scenario provides motorized private transport traffic for over 24 hours for the whole city of Berlin
  • With about 2,25 million trips within an area of 800 kmĀ², this is the largest microscopic traffic simulation scenario we are currently aware of

Eclipse SUMO

  • Save the date: next SUMO User Conference May 8-10, 2023 - planned to be conducted with physical presence in Berlin
  • Eclipse SUMO release 1.14.1
    • HBEFA 4.2 and PHemLight 4.5 emission models integrated
    • improved e-vehicles models
    • lots of bugfixes
  • Next release is planned for early November 2022
    • new feature: integration of pedestrian simulator JuPedSim in SUMO simulations, see talk
  • We would like to encourage our SUMO users to setup GitHub Actions to automatically test their scenarios with our SUMO nightly builds

Other News

  • Contribution day of software defined vehicle (22.09.22) in Bonn - see link

EclipseCon 2022

  • EclipseCon 2022 will be happening as an event with physical presence see EclipseCon website
  • Oct. 24-27 in Ludwigsburg, Germany
  • Community day on the first day of the EclipseCon
  • Michael Behrisch will be present at the conference to give a talk about pedestrian simulation in a world of cars, see JuPedSim/SUMO talk

Whitepaper: Survey or Landscape of Demand Generators for SUMO

  • Current status and progress
  • Michael Behrisch will forward the invitations for the next meetings to SevenPrinciples and Adesso

Future Ideas for openMobility?

  • Scenario generation or standardized interfaces (e.g. openSCENARIO)
  • Continue to work on Github issues User Stories
  • Discussion about standardizing simulation processes and toolchains; focusing on stable APIs between tasks in the process

Any other Business

  • None

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