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The openMobility Working Group will drive the evolution and broad adoption of mobility modelling and simulation technologies. It accomplishes its goal by fostering and leveraging collaborations among members and by ensuring the development and availability of an open software framework. This framework will provide the tools for a detailed simulation of the movement of vehicles and people as well as their communication patterns. It will be valuable for testing driver assistance systems, predicting and optimizing traffic as well as evaluating new business concepts, such as Mobility-as-a-Service.

It is the goal of this working group to deliver a framework of tools based on validated models, which are accepted as “standard tools” in industry applications and academic research. The working group will:

  • Coordinate the development of related Eclipse Foundation projects towards an openMobility framework.
  • Define and manage the specifications for interfaces and functions for the framework.
  • Promote the openMobility framework and its value.
  • Provide a vendor neutral marketing and other services to the openMobility ecosystem.
  • Define licensing and intellectual property flows that encourage community participation and tool adoption.
  • Drive the funding model that enables this working group and its community to operate on a sustainable basis.

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